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Mother Speaks

#affairswiththeplanet #voices #motherspeaks are the voices I hear which I consider to be guides. Shamans call them spirit beings, Hindu Tantra & other esoteric practices, mystics call it celestial voices. We can give them any name or term. There are 'many' different voice hearing experiences in Schizophrenia. It is necessary that we dwell into the depth of what these voices are conveying in order to understand if they are merely our 'self-talk', voices from our traumatic : which will be experienced negatively - causing one great amount of distress, and then there is the voice of the other to which I've come to understand is the next step on the ladder of hearing voices.

Hindu Buddhist practices term this is as 'siddhi'. In English it is directly translated to mean 'paranormal powers' which isn't well received in the Western worlds. In my writings, I have repeatedly stated that irrespective of what one culture believes or receives, the goal is not about proving if something exist in the way that it does, where it exist at all. The central objective is how that 'something' is able to help the person better understand their lives, empower them with an insight that is individual to their ideas of who they are in this world thereby allowing them to live in harmony with the symptoms we call to be 'psychosis', removing the duality of negative and positive experiences/symptoms/worldviews.

If you are a seeker, you will find what you seek. If you are a non-believer, you will understand it's metaphors. It is entirely up to you to read and perceive it just the way you are or you wish, and not the way I am as I choose to not be defined or even proved by it. I hope you enjoy this motion graphic I made. I'm always experimenting new things every month, afterall I am an artist :) and learning-unlearning is part of the deal.




Artwork by Val Resh. Music source: Shanti People. I take no rights for their music.

As written on 5th June 2016: ('She' is considered the Mother Goddess)

Why are we getting sick more often when we are just getting better?

She: Because that is the process of healing. Healing is never over. It's always happening. Becoming. Me: Why the repeated mistakes of emotional outburst? Are we not to be in better control of ourselves?

She: If you are controlling something then that is your very first mistake. Stop trying to control anything. Have you ever seen the weather still? Your emotions and experiences are like the weather. Man cannot control weather nor emotions. He can only imagine he does. Me: Then how do we not allow our emotions to be the cause of pain to others?

She: It's not your emotion that is the cause. Your emotion is the effect of a cause made by your ego and the other's. Nothing can be caused by itself or alone. There's always an equal or opposite reaction, remember? Find out what's affecting the ego. There's nothing wrong with having an ego for it's the first guide on something being wrong in your life which you are feeling. It can be wronged by another or by yourself. Most of the time, you haven't been honest with your want and desires or you've not healed from what these wants have caused you. Therefore, you project it to something else which is acceptable to your ego or what your ego permits as it often lives in the world to 'fit in'.

Me: Is that not what we have to do? We can't always not 'fit in'. She: It isn't about fitting in. Don't mix the standards of living in a codependent world to that of what your healing is. It really is about the courage to play the right cards of the Ego, the Empath and the Environment. We are always shuffling. It's not a multiple personality or dissociation. It's a very natural state to be more than one person and to experience life at magnifying emotions and responses. But to be able to work with them together is the trial for all. In many cultures and religions these 3 Beings or States that exist within you has been called the Trinity. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Or Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Or the 3 Goddesses. These are all man-made. All names and conditions assigned for man to associate himself because his sense of perception is limited and often equated to his cognitive abilities. Anyone who's rational and cognition is overridden by the majestic play of sense perception is called mad. Most want to experience this and so they resort to intoxicants.

Have you ever seen the weather intoxicating all of the planet and the inhabitants including you? Is it to suppose that the rain is alcohol and the earth is opium? That isn't so. These are only conditions that should be left to the poets and artist. They are the few who are ever changing in their ways too.

Me: But poets and artist make mistakes too. We too are human and then we get stuck. How is this weather principle to be deciphered then? She: It's only because man has confused the layers of courage. It takes great courage to do great things like scaling the mountains of nature's highest peaks. It takes great courage to be in tune with your pain and choosing to make changes in your life. It takes great courage to rationally work with your empathy and move away from those who are not aligned to your way. It also takes great courage to accept your mistake. It takes greater courage to move away from those you truly love and letting them ride their own lives. It takes greater courage to not be a hero or a martyr in saving them. No one is here to save anyone but themselves.

But it takes great courage in saying you have made a mistake and apologising for it. Which most can't and won't do. They are conditioned to the way of social rules and their ego. They feel that just having accepted their mistake is a noble thing to do. Throw away such conditions. There is no nobility in this only a higher condition to make your ego feel even better. Accept you will make mistakes and you will have to own up to them. Apologise and do what it takes to make the other feel better. This is different than doing things to make yourself feel better. If the other person is in tune to themselves they will make their peace with you and allow you to make up for it. If the other is still hurt and circumstances do not allow you to make them feel better then wish them well and hope that one day they will make their peace with you. Keep them in your good faith.

Me: What if it's the reverse? She: Work on yourself everyday and identify the mistakes you have made that has also hurt the other. Release those mistakes and apologise to the universe. It doesn't hurt to apologise and doesn't require much energy as much as it did to hurt the other. If it hurts, let it be and let go. Be with the weather. It rains for months during the monsoons. Why must man think he should only be crying for a day and he must recover by the next? It is because of this added condition to the human experience that makes them all feel evolved to have questioned and expected. Mistakes are made and arise to remind man that he isn't as evolved as he thinks he is. It is for him to keep working on his betterment until he stops making these mistakes. It is what makes him human giving him the ability to know he can hurt others and be hurt by them. Have the courage to acknowledge it all. No one is more evolved. These are expectations placed onto each other so that there is an image they can worship, admire and to be like them. When this image or person falls, the worshippers (followers) feel enraged, and began condemning the person. This is no different that you praying to a God and turning away from religion after being let down by this being that you created. Stop doing this to each other. The only thing that exist for certain is energy. All you have to be is You. All you have to reach and become is your higher consciousness. Not someone else's higher self. If you place this measurement on someone else then you are doing great injustice to you and others around you. Drop your scale of justice. She is blinded by conditions man has made.

- Vajri (my initiated spiritual name) (c) Reshma Valliappan


The painting used in the motion graphic video above is from my art project Shared Consciousness. The original size of Mahishasura Mardini acrylic on canvas without the weapons is 5ft x 9ft.

The weapons were added for digital prints on request.

Here are a few metal prints (4 inches x 6 inches with acrylic stand) that are available on request. Due to the pandemic, not all sizes might be available & easily sourced, so drop me an email at

Prints available as regular postcard size, A5, A4, & A3 upto 18 x 24 inches. Postcard size prints begin at Rs.60 each. I'd recommend choosing a set of postcard prints, as packaging & shipping amounts to Rs.150/- for upto 5kgs.

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