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What if Life gave you lemons?

We have all come across several versions of the quote "When Life gives you lemons...." - make tequila, make lemonade, squeeze it on someone's eye, et cetera et cetera. As a philosophical thinker, tinkering with words and life comes naturally.

Observation comes first, followed by reflection. By the time I understand that I was hurt by what someone said or did, my anger has been distributed or channelized towards other work. But there is always the inner voice that speaks up telling me "You can't just keep quiet because in doing so people assume they can keep saying what they do, assume your silence is a weakness and take your kindness for granted"

Now how would I argue with my inner voice here because when I do a check-in with my emotions I come to realise what the other said was not right, yet I was busy in what I was

doing and did not want to carry that energy into my space. I have had my first formal art exhibition from 21st - 28th December 2021 at the India International Annexe Center. This one week marked an important stage in my foundation - a solo show I had to pull off in 3 weeks. I do not have assistants, errand boys and no one else could create on my behalf. This meant ensuring I kept my hands, arms, eyes, back, legs, body well and warm, giving them enough breaks and stretches as every stroke made on the paper depends on my hands. This was not a job that could be outsourced.

The entire week showed me many facets of human suffering. Art is not just about a visually pleasing moment for me but one that connects people. It does not matter what I have created and what the viewer perceives. There were many who shared their energy in this space with me. Some things were said and some were unsaid. Some were helpful and healing while some were unawarely entitled and hurtful. Such a space teaches us that it’s all the same only a matter of shifting perspective. There are so many moments that I didn’t like and many that I did.

I leave those moments of learning here (re-written from an older post). Hope I remember this reminder as I journey into 2022 and hope it helps those of you who connect to it.

Image: Windmill in Zaandam.

Charcoal on textured paper.

18 inches X 20 inches

Original artist: Oscar Claude Monet


Choose wisely,

as not everyone understands what your life is about & they don’t have to.

Live lovingly,

because there are more people hurting even when they hurt you.

Speak kindly,

because so many are rude & entitled.

Walk gently,

because everyone is in a rush.

Hear intently,

because so many are judging.

Embrace frequently,

because so many are passing unnecessary remarks.

Let go smoothly,

because so many become dependent.

Surrender silently,

because we can’t change anyone but ourselves.

Allow respectfully,

because so many are in pretence.

Breathe gracefully,

as it’s your lifeline.

Tat Tvam Asi.

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