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preacher reacher reaper deeper

I speak through my art or my prose. Often people might not understand either and often people might understand what they are built or chose to understand. Hope you enjoy the rhyme though (written exactly 10 years ago!)

Digital Art ©Val Resh 2021.

Wee Willy Winkie

runs through the town

upstairs and downstairs

Grim Reaper his nightgown

Harvest of thee dead

shall ripened and be fed

reachers of the fruit

vanitied by the bruit

deprived is such life

mortality killed his wife

The Grim Rapper Peter Pater Platter Palette and The Knife

Frozen limbs to be claimed

lives of crows but no brain

ScareCrow ruffles through his mane

lights a joint starts a flame

Suicidal he suffocating in glee

along came Dorothy

on to Oz shall we be?

Yellow Roads Green fence and mates

Blue domes Munchkin men and gates

Hollow hollow Grim Reaper He follows

Shadow fellow unrestrained shreeks HELLOW!

Wee Willy Silly Dilly

let's rhyme shalt we

Grim Reaper and me

'you shall kill yourself' he prances about sayin'

vanity today is nothin but u playin'

tappin' at the window

cryin' through the locks

Ar' all the children in their beds

Clock Clock Ticky Ticky Tock

Knock Knock

who'se there

Stinky Socks

Lock Clock

latch on you hog

find us some bread...humanity we be fed

what shame

loser games

Grim ur fuckin' lame

times have changed

shuffle ur name

thou shalt see

we the same

hit the bed

its way past dread!

'morrow use the blade...




first published online 31st July 2021

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