Lucid art dream

Artwork created at @vajristudios. All Rights Reserved. If you are reusing any of my artwork for non-commercial purposes (no money made, a conference presentation, for use in discussion etc) you are free to use it with credit given. Don't forget to drop me an email or tag me on social media! If it is for commercial purposes (any profit-money made by you in doing so), a contract will be necessary for this.

Today I dreamt that I was floating with my head down & legs up (Shirshasana) away from gravity (no ground or wall). Watching the world go by. There was definite fear as at one point, I was stuck (in a state of catatonia/frozen) afraid that I'll never be able to find my feet back on ground or reverse myself gently. Being aware in this dream state is what is called as Lucid Dreaming, a term that can often be misused. When in this state, you are aware of your emotions, you know you are dreaming and you can act upon it & learn to control the dream.

This is where you will hear the words of your inner self speak to you with utmost clarity (you know the one you keep hiding from, brushing away cause you are too busy living in tune to the external world and not your inner world). It is not some ‘divine intervention’ but a product of your own brain/mind.

This art piece depicts my inner voice conveying: Don’t get so high on life that you end up getting stuck-ALONE. Gravity is necessary for grounding & for understanding groundlessness. Do not let yourself be so absorbed that you stray away from reality. Returning can take years or if you are not careful, never.

Although my art can convey some kind of a ‘trance’ drug induced trip as often seen when someone consumes substances such as LSD, Ayahuasca, or magic mushrooms - please note that I do not use substances nor was I or have been able to create art while under the influence of them. They cause more damage for me and thus if you consider yourself to be sensitive as I am or a reflection - harness what is within you as a tool for creation not some external substance. I do not subscribe or believe in spiritual growth through consumption of substances. I have had my share of intoxicants from an early age, so I this is not coming from a preacher's perspective. I find it to be an inauthentic medium that creates layers of illusion & cloud one’s judgement, to make you feel or think that you have experienced some kind of 'divine intervention'. There's a lot of neuroscience on this. Look it up.

In short: If you can’t drive a car while on substances, if you can't have a serious focused logical conversation while on it either then it suffices to conclude you can’t drive your dream logically either. My thoughts and belief certainly will not agree to those who do use. That’s not for me to question. It’s their choice and their life.

My dreams and art more often convey a dark elements of life, or the mind, of consciousness and the universe. Shadow work has been what my practice / sadhana was always about. I’m very old school or maybe even ancient about not sharing what it is that I do as that is how I have learnt (in the shadows). No there are no tantric rituals, sacrifices, pentagrams, circles, stars, candles, burning of sage, etc. I'd rather draw them. My tool is my art.

Shadow work is avoided by many. Shadow work practice (for me) is not about ‘eventually finding the light at the end of tunnel’. It is not about moving towards the light. Such thought conveys yet the fear, rejection or perhaps need to avoid darkness, not engage with it long-term. Shadow work for me is about working in darkness with very little to almost no light. To let what natural light would show or not show and to be in that moment. I find it ironic when people worship the moon, where she can only show her true brilliance under total darkness (no clouds) - yet choose to move aside from it once they can't see her or the darkness that envelops the moon. The moon is always there - day or night. It is only in darkness that she is visible to the human eye.

Few individuals having reached out to me have inquired, shared their own concerns and asked about what I do 'shamanically or about my practice'. As an educator my answer will always be the same: Question everything and don’t just fall for what you see, hear or read online including mine. Each one of us are our own gurus. Learn from everyone and everything but for that to happen you must accept them to be as equal a human as you with no hierarchy. If anyone tells you they know better, what you should do (unless you asked for their opinion) remove yourself from further engagement & recognise that they might not be at the same place as you are. In fact, no one is! Unless it’s a cult or group of individuals practicing together.

Note: Please don’t learn these from YouTube. Find someone authentic who can work with you on this. It’s not a ‘fun or cool activity’ to be attempted by those below 25 years age or anyone without a responsible mentor-teacher, as the part of your brain responsible for decision making isn't fully developed until age 25 years, and where social media in concerned information is consumed from a 'herd mentality'. Same laws for alcohol are applicable 😉 there’s a reason these rules exist. Try and understand them before drawing conclusions based on the need of freedom because freedom always has a price!

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