The Natural Way

Ravens & crows signify many things to many people based on their own set of beliefs. To me they are not built on any belief but as factual as their natural existence : a part of nature.


As humans we love adding & finding meaning in things. Giving it some sort of Godly determinant because this in turn makes us feel great.

Do we ever stop, to just see nature for what it is - without any metaphysical, spiritual, religious, psychological context? Without any given set of conditions that we or some other person has created?

Do not tickle a sleeping dragon they say. There’s a reason for this. Do read Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden. It speaks metaphorically about the ‘dragons of the left & right hemisphere’.

What I experience is not what I depict always.

Note: This is not a symptom or experience of schizophrenia. Please do not internalize my experiences as yours - because many have done so to only land themselves in trouble where they end up taking medications for something they do not have.


This has a story to tell linked to my sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is not part of schizophrenia. It is not experienced by all individuals with brain tumours either.

The story is vivid, real, disturbing and can carry on while I’m awake especially if I am awakened from the sleep before completing it.


When I make such art, it is a cathartic process because I do not have any other means to express that state. It isn’t easy to talk about it either (not because I don’t remember it) but simply because the conscious mind realizes that often times although the details of the dream might come across as being quite a casual imagery - the person experiencing it does not experience it as merely a casual moment.


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