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Show me your true self

As published by Val Resh · May 27 at 1:20pm 2016 ·

Show me your true self, she said.

I waited for darkness to descend and she looked in awe.

Art by Val Resh. 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Everybody wants a piece of you, isn't it? she questioned in her own state of desire Yes but none can or want to return a piece of themselves, I mumbled.

But is that not an expectation to want something back? she buttoned a little... No.

It is a natural law of balance. Humans only know how to take. Not give. Those who give evaporate into fumes of death because of this expectation to not expect a balance in give and take.

I drew back...

She looked up and back again 'Then why give in the first place?' Cause I gave up a long time back. It's what makes me ‪'schizophrenic' ...

I punched the mirror and walked right in.

Now I just am. It doesn't matter.

She ran towards the window to grasp for her last breath.

In doing so, she forgot the broken pieces left behind.

Somebody saw us and picked those pieces up. She wasn't much of an artist as I was. Some of our parts were swept away. Some of our parts had cut her. Some of our parts reflected the light that was now coming in. She stood in front of the mirror.

I saw how she wore these parts of us on her. Her body and skin were now a dress of mirrors. Parts of us she meticulously pressed into her skin as her blood glued them together. Oh how those pieces had fit in the most beautifully carved ways with edges and form removed of their human limitations of flesh and bone.

There she stood in admiration of her new birth looking into me.

Unaware of my body being thrown aside.

I winked, nudging her to find her voice as I couldn't hear her words.

She picked up the last piece of us, and saw her lip draw a smile.

That was her missing piece.

But a fool like no other at such moments of illusionary copulation - she decided to watch herself sing. And so did she sing.

As she sang and kept looking at the last raised parts of us - her dress broke away,

like an orgasmic explosion we shattered.

This time there was no me, no her and no she.

A nurse came running in and increased the colourful liquids being pumped into my neck. Nobody wanted a piece now.

They couldn't.

-‪ TheSchizophrenist #‎affairswiththeplanet

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