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Look at Madness: through yourself

I ask everyone to start looking at the so called schizophrenic differently. If you are one of those who is going to question this or think it’s some newly found idea to disarm psychiatry and psychology, then please stop reading.[1] You are free to have your own believes as it is with any of us. However, if there are certain paths that seem to have worked quite harmlessly then it does suggest something more. I do not wish to reject the part of society that has rejected me already. It serves no purpose.

The hearing of voices has always been something that society has long believed needs to be cured. That it is wrong to hear voices. That if heard there must be something wrong with you.

Imagine if no one could hear YOUR voice, how would you feel? So try and empathize with my imaginary friends and the voices we have. Some of us have a job to do you know, cause no one else can do it right. So it takes a little bit of madness to get it done. Give them (the voices) and us (the voice hearers) a world of existence too cause we’ve got some important things to bring from the other side which most need intoxicants to tap into.

Most of us do hear voices but we are not aware of it. As a ‘schizophrenic’ the choice of not hearing does not exist. Therefore, the choice of being unaware does not exist. A friend whom I call a shaman who is also my intuitive reminded me ‘Once you are aware there is no going back to not being aware’.

Likewise, is the nature of schizophrenia. Where those of us living with these said symptoms cannot go back to not being aware of hearing them or in some case like mine no going back to ever not hearing them. Throughout my recovery people have asked me if I still hear voices. I’ve said that these voices have constantly changed as time and existence does. It has nothing to do with the metaphors of life around me. It has nothing to do with a Jungian based understanding anymore. Understanding the Jungian analysis (or any other alternate school of psychology) of these voices is only the first step ‘psychologically’ although can be often times limiting.

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[1] Psychiatry and psychology are 20th century concepts brought in from a Western modernized construction of how the 'psyche' should be. The old world or spirit world has no time and space limitations and carries a simple truth based on the laws of the planet (nature). It is why many other similar writings would come across as saying the same thing because we are repeating the laws in a language and experience that comes to us. This confirms that no matter who the person is, which era they are born in, skin colour or civilized privileges – the laws of the natural world remain the same. It rains, it snows, heat, cold, storms, rivers, volcanoes…man is not stronger than any of these nor is he the cause of them. He can only develop his spirit self to reflect them but never cause it to rain. These are bogus fantasy claims in the age of civilization where man wants to believe he is the cause of natural catastrophes. In doing so however, the egos of many humans have caused extinctions of other lives on this planet. This isn’t power but the most barbaric bravado display of it. True power lies in the ability to give life, hold it close and let it go when it has to as nature always knows Her way. Through science man has decided to play God. And this translation is seen in how patriarchy controls women. A woman’s power to give life, hold it and let it go is symbolic to giving birth but it has to be her choice. Man has created easy fixing methods of contraceptives and protection that biologically causes harm to a woman even during her menstrual cycle. Because a man wants to have the pleasures of sex but has no control over his orgasms, it requires the woman to rely on pills. Unfortunately, tantric practitioners themselves are bogus in this regard however they sell the ideas of sex to women (and men) who become convinced that it is okay for them to take a pill during misfortunes of the rubber. Putting anything ‘alien’ into the vagina is a disrespect. A tampon, rubber, pills…all of these are objects that do not exist within the female body. They can only be sold as ‘close to having similar properties of so and so tissue…’. Aren’t these no less different than injecting or snorting a drug through holes on our face?

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