I hear voices, because I'm a good listener.

What About you?


Mental Health Speaker Reshma Valliappan

Tedx Shiv Nadar University, 2018


Reshma Valliappan aka Val Resh is known to debunk the cultural and societal constructions of madness with wit, humour and courage. She isn't afraid to be politically incorrect while challenging the norms of the medical, religious, spiritual, patriarchal, and Western narrative itself. Having researched extensively in the history of mental illness, she raises the standards of madness itself, leaving her audience often shocked, dumbfounded, challenged, uncomfortable, inspired, moved, encouraged and more often in deep thought of what truly is madness. Living without medications for schizophrenia, scar epilepsy, sleep disorders and a range of issues, she sheds a different light about illnesses and advocates for a shift in the way suffering is understood and lived. 

Please give ME at least a month in advance notice.

Apart from other commitments I do get pressured with last minute notices.

Afterall, I do have a mind that splits, and it takes time for me to work with it.

Keynote address at the 9th Hearing Voices Congress 2017, Boston

ChaT Youth Summit Jaipur October 2016

Tedx Christ University, 2016

What can life teach you?

Mindscape 2014,


World Schizophrenia Day


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