These are some of the artworks created just before my diagnosis in 2002. Many were not preserved and are photographed in low resolution on a Sony Ericsson 3 megapixel camera phone.  

After leaving home in 2007 to find my own way out of being under medications and work on my self-care and independence during psychosis and other meltdowns, I had enough savings to rent a room. This was money I had made when I played the sharemarket between 2005-2007 as I developed a sudden obsession to count numbers and time. My symptom evidently helped me make money. My room had a mattress on the floor, furnished with a pillow, clean sheets and a blanket. I was grateful that I had my own clean space and bed to sleep on with an attached bathroom. I had strangers as friends who fed me in return for my time and company. They would often buy me fruits and milk as payment towards a sketch made during our conversations. Known friends would gift me sketch books and stationary when I met them. These drawings were made on a sketchbook my cousin sister Sumitra Valliappan had gifted me in February 2008 as we sat at STARBUCKS, Malaysia to bond over our lost years and she wanted to know about my mind escapades. We concluded 'Our family is simply bonkers. Unfortunately or fortunately, I got the diagnosis'. We parted at that. 

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