My home planet exists between water bodies of two worlds. There’s a vortex/tunnel separating my alien planet to earth.

Chaos is the natural working way of the universe. This is the truth of physics.

This series is influenced by my identity of alienation on this planet.

Yet, it acknowledges the unknown universe of possibilities, of quantum physics and dark spaces,

of atomic orbitals and parallel dimensions in my experience with schizophrenia combined with side effects

of my scar epilepsy that triggered this 'other' side.


I am a believer of the many possible interpretations of quantum realities or parallel worlds.

Occasionally these realities and worlds do collide leaving us baffled or ‘mad’.

However, in regular waking life of constructed normality

we would still experience collisions of worlds and realities which we are unaware of.


Quantum interferences do not just happen in the universe but also within us in the human body.

Emotional and creative interferences are not something unknown to humans. 

But many are unaware or sleeping and thus they don’t feel the need to give their unawareness much thought.

Those whom become aware of the ‘other’ experience states of madness. Some are diagnosed and some are not.


Either way, the higher you climb or fly the thinner the air. This is the basis of life and not madness.

Lack of oxygen can make anyone chaotic much like the vast universe.

When I get upset, angry or agitated by comments passed by others I most often use humour to deal with it.

This series looks at everyday anecdotes of living with mental illness. I personally don't believe in the label 'mental illness'.

I believe that there is an experience that can't be explained in regular language.

I believe that I have a creative crisis and hence the only treatment for it is creativity.

This series is done in combination of work under The Red Door to raise awareness of the same and question these 'mental illnesses'.

These are stuff I create while I am in waiting rooms, in airports, in meetings, watching TV or especially when I am not having access to a sketchbook or paintbrush. 

They are also responses or reactions towards the way schizophrenia and my experience of it is perceived and judged. 

And some are as they are - my existential riot.