Welcome to my Art blog

"The mind is like the ocean. Deeper it gets, stronger are the currents. To float requires stillness."

My fascination with the human mind and consciousness is surely not surprising to anyone who knows me. Over two decades, I have come to realize that I am not a being who is limited by one word, defined by one label or exist in one element. I have many avatars, each having found their tools of expression.


To ease your experience of my blog, you will find a list of my posts archived here. My artist tab will take you to another space (page). This ego is named Vajri - following my spiritual initiation. SKii the Mime is another element - so don't forget to stop over! 

You will find each creative element complementing the other in my attempt to document life as is. 



Lucid art dream

Artwork created at @vajristudios. All Rights Reserved. If you are reusing any of my artwork for non-commercial purposes (no money made, a conference presentation, for use in discussion etc) you are free to use it with credit given. Don't forget to drop me an email or tag me on social media! If it is for commercial purposes (any profit-money made by you in doing so), a contract will be necessary for this. Today I dreamt that I was floating with my head down & legs up (Shirshasana) away from gravity (no ground or wall). Watching the world go by. There was definite fear as at one point, I was stuck (in a state of catatonia/frozen) afraid that I'll never be able to find my feet back on ground or

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